The Disruption of Ecommerce as We Know It; Sullivan Studios is a Virtual Reality Game-changer

The Disruption of Ecommerce as We Know It; Sullivan Studios is a Virtual Reality Game-changer

The Dawn of Interslice

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Screenshot_20220706_184254.jpg Sullivan Studios has raised the bar on ecommerce a lot higher than its competitors would like. Set up as a custom 3D environment builder, where businesses can create fully immersive ecommerce stores, Sullivan Studios embodies what it means to “get the best of both worlds”.

Traditional brick-and-mortar stores are severely limited in reach, expression, and value delivery. Ecommerce changed that. By enabling shop owners to conveniently build online stores, platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce transformed the ecommerce space.

Yet, online store builders still faced a limitation. In migrating online, ecommerce let go of the interpersonal interactions that shoppers know and love. These days, online shopping is robotic and can be quite boring. Enter, Interslice.

The wonderful people at Sullivan Studios fully appreciated this problem and developed a nifty fix called Interslice.

Through the use of fully immersive virtual experiences, they merged the best part of in-store shopping—realtime interaction—with the convenience of shopping online, to deliver a best-in-class (read: one-of-a-kind) solution, Interslice.

Interslice is a 3D immersive online store builder that is poised to disrupt the e-commerce space.

Having worked in ecommerce sales for quite some time, Tim Sullivan, the CEO & founder of Sullivan Studios understood better than anyone the limitations faced by online shoppers. Determined to change things, he created Interslice in 2021.

The custom engine optimizes 3D products into Webgl enabling store owners to interact with their customers in real time via a gamified model.

As pioneers in the 3D immersive ecommerce space, Sullivan Studios focuses on helping businesses provide enhanced shopping experiences for their customers.

The team combines top-level technology with keen attention to the details that matter, to ensure their customers have absolutely nothing to worry about.

This product creates an impressive brand image for businesses that use it and provides the customers of said businesses with a wholesome, fully engaged, more-than-satisfistory shopping experience.

How does Interslice work? A customer signs up to get a 3D environment for their business. The environment is connected to the customer’s existing website and systems. Once launched the 3D environment can be accessed via web, mobile, and VR.

Statista reports that only 2.14% of ecommerce visits convert into purchases. Imagine being able to directly interact with your customers in realtime? You would influence them and convince them right there!

No more having to track leads through complicated attribution funnels. If they’re interested, get your salespeople to talk to them right then! This and more is what the team at Sullivan Studios is offering you.

The founder, Tim, had this to say

"We’re building 3D environments that merge the best features of online and instore into a world-class shopping experience".

Key features of Interslice

  • Multiplayer mode: live connection with customers
  • Accessibility: accessible via multiple platforms (virtual reality, desktop, and mobile)
  • Interactive: customers can pick up and examine products while shopping
  • Connected: linked to your current systems

Summary: Interslice, a 3D fully immersive ecommerce platform builder powered by Sullivan Studios is tearing the roof of the normalcy associated with current ecommerce store builders.

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