Beatrice; The Virtual Assistant Startup Helping Founders Improve Their Lives

Beatrice; The Virtual Assistant Startup Helping Founders Improve Their Lives

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Doing life differently is a common trend among pacesetters who disrupt our lives with revolutionary ideas and dare to take exciting risks.

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ICON+LOGO+BEATRICE.png Beatrice, a startup that promises to boost your productivity by connecting you with capable virtual assistants is set to launch this quarter.

Beatrice’s founder, Lawrence Offiong (Larry), worked closely with professionals in different industries long enough to realize they all had a recurrent and sometimes debilitating problem—managing the immense workload on their tables.

Beatrice was founded to improve efficiency and productivity, curb burnout, and transform the way busy professionals approach their work. Ultimately, Beatrice’s goal is to help you make judicious use of your time, experience, and skills by connecting you with a virtual assistant who understands you and your job.

Quite unlike the average virtual staffing agency, Beatrice sets itself apart by training and grooming its virtual assistants to the highest standards attainable. That’s not all, Beatrice VAs are hired and categorized based on their placements in both external and internal personality tests.

Larry, the CEO and founder of Beatrice had this to say… “Our VAs are perfect for founders of lean startups. A Beatrice VA doubles as a putative COO and social media manager in one powerful package”

How does Beatrice work? You sign up and fill out a form. If you want a really great match, you have the option of taking a personality test. Based on the information on your form and the personality test, Beatrice matches you with a few VAs that best match your profile to make your selection customized.

Next, you choose the payment plan you prefer, and you’re good to go!

I should probably mention that Beatrice has useful resources on best practices for working with VAs. Going over these resources helps you have an efficient and productive work relationship with your Beatrice VA.

Busy professionals have a lot of work to do, emails to respond to, meetings to attend, campaigns to plan, etc. If you find yourself feeling anxious at the thought of starting your workday every morning, you need a Beatrice VA.

If that anxiety is left unchecked, burnout could swing around the corner. If burnout is left unchecked, depression could settle in. Beatrice is more than a productivity company, it offers you a chance to live your life to the fullest.

By freeing more work hours for you and curbing fatigue, Beatrice enables you to be creative at work and full of life at home.

Not convinced? Here’s a fun fact. Virtual assistants save businesses up to 78% in operating costs. How’s that for efficiency?!

Some interesting facts about Beatrice

  • Founder-led
  • Still in the prelaunch stage. You can sign up for early access here
  • Young and creative team
  • Services clients the world over
  • In the process of securing pre-seed funding

Summary Beatrice is changing the way virtual staffing for remote assistants is done. The team is working hard to ensure it launches in the middle of this quarter. If you’re a busy professional, jump on the early bird offer by signing up to join the waitlist now

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