APIToolkit.io: The Only Toolkit You Need for Your APIs

APIToolkit.io: The Only Toolkit You Need for Your APIs

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APIToolkit is a one-stop solution for a ton of API observability and monitoring needs.

Founded by longtime friends Anthony and Smile, APITookit was inspired by real problems experienced by developers.

Years ago, Anthony, who was a new hire at a food delivery company was tasked with migrating a legacy service from PHP to Golang (his favorite language by the way). The API problems that ensued due to unsent fields led to the loss of 20k orders within 10 minutes.

Devastated by the mishap, Anthony was determined to ensure developers could seamlessly avoid similar setbacks. That’s how the idea for APIToolkit was born. Years later, Anthony and Smile have launched a comprehensive API monitoring and observability platform—APIToolkit— which, at the time of this writing, is still in beta.

APIToolkit is a SaaS platform for small and medium-sized companies who want to maximize API output while avoiding potentially devastating and expensive downtimes and mishaps due to broken or missing APIs.

How does APIToolkit work? First off, I should mention that APIToolkit offers Plug-and-play integration with Cloudflare, NGINX, Go, PHP, and more.

The platform offers users a dashboard from which they can view live API contract monitoring & alerts. This ensures you’re notified of any changes to your APIs.

The platform also allows users to view response times, latency, etc. You can also run queries on your live API requests and responses.

Its API analytics provide faster queries and deep insights into a buggy API to enhance your debugging process.

Startups lose customers, trust, and money when APIs break unexpectedly. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. There’s really no telling when and where an API might break. That’s what APIToolkit was built for.

Companies as big as Discord have had API-related downtimes recently. No one is above API breakage. But you can definitely stay alert using APIToolkit’s live contract monitoring and observability dashboard.

Other use cases for APIToolkit are to:

  • Catch bugs and changes due to refactorings or migrations faster than your customers
  • Uncover deeper insights about your API usage than you can with simple infrastructure monitoring.
  • View API logs and replay requests in Postman or cURL in seconds
  • Examine HTTP request and response payloads
  • Utilize a variety of parameters to segment and aggregate API calls at scale

Summary APIToolkit is a comprehensive API monitoring and observability platform that helps small and medium-sized businesses to track and report API errors in realtime.

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