ALARRT, Nigeria's First Integrated Public Safety and Awareness Platform Is Set to Launch

ALARRT, Nigeria's First Integrated Public Safety and Awareness Platform Is Set to Launch

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ALARRT, a universal emergency alerting platform is set to launch on the 24th of July, 2022.

Alarrt Logoooos blue-retoucher.png A couple of years ago, Olumide Shode, ALARRT's founder was left with feelings of helplessness and hopelessness when she faced imminent danger while commuting to work.

Determined to prevent further occurrences of abject despair in the society, Olumide Shode created ALARRT.

The platform, which is available on web and mobile, is an emergency alert system that notifies relevant emergency response services in a crisis situation and spreads the information to the public at the same time.

As a pioneer in the social security ecosystem, ALARRT focuses on keeping citizens safe by combining best-in-class technology features.

ALARRT uses machine learning and intelligence augmentation to verify security alerts as they are created on the app to mitigate spoof and spam notifications.

This drastically reduces the event of false alarms.

How does ALARRT work? A person in distress or a good samaritan creates an alert, categorizes it, and adds any necessary media evidence. The alert is immediately verified, emails and SMSs are sent to emergency response services closest to the location as well as to the individual's emergency contacts, family and friends.

Social media links are also provided for the individual to distribute the news on social media if they so wish.

ALARRT presents the public with a focused, easy, and trustworthy medium for quick dissemination of potentially life saving information.

A company spokesperson had this to say about the launch of ALARRT. "We want ALARRT to be the go-to tool for Nigerians in emergency situations. When they see something wrong, they shouldn't just tweet it, they should ALARRT it".

About 5800 people were hospitalized worldwide as a result of false information circulating online upon the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. A further 800 died from consuming harmful substances believed to cure the disease.

ALARRT serves as a means of distilling widespread information to provide the public with actionable facts and tips.

Other use cases for ALARRT are: Medical emergencies, terrorist attacks, election related violence, neighborhood disturbances and much more.

Summary: ALARRT plans to launch its social security platform on the 24th of July, 2022. As a pioneer in its space, ALARRT is poised to change our world.

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